Injury Reporting...what you need to do

Injuries should be reported to the Athletic Trainers as soon as possible so we can:

  • help facilitate timely evaluations
  • secure referrals to the areas top specialists
  • provide documentation for insurance needs
  • develop treatment plans to help your athlete return as soon as safely possible.
  • All injuries evaluated by a physician must have a written medical clearance to return to sports participation.  This includes visits to the Emergency Room, Med Express, Urgent Care, etc.


Athletic Training Room

The Athletic Training Room is fully equipped to meet your sports medicine needs.  We are located in the high school behind the gymnasium in the technology hall.

Athletic Trainers are available after school until the end of all scheduled practices and/or competition.   Contact info: 724-744-0580

Services include:

  • Rehabilitation of acute and chronic orthopedic injuries
  • Taping and/or bracing of injuries
  • Baseline and post injury concussion testing
  • Concussion extertional rehabilitation

Athletic Physical Process

PIAA Comprehensive Initial Pre-Participation Physical Exam

All student athletes are required to complete the athletic physical process in Family ID in order to participate in athletics.   Registration must be completed no less than 1 week before the start of the season.   PIAA CIPPE Health History: Section 5 & PIAA Comprehensive Initial Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation and Certification of Authorized Medical Examiner: Section 6 forms should be downloaded and completed by the parents and physician during the physical examination and returned to the High School Nurse before final clearance is given for sports participation.   Athletic Physicals forms completed late may take anywhere from 24-72 hours to be cleared, this MAY impact the athlete's ability to participate in try-outs if the athletic physical is turned in late.  

CIPPE Re-Certification Process

If an athlete wishes to participate in a subsequent sports season they must sign up for their sport(s) of choice and complete the
Re-Certification by Parent/Guardian Supplemental Health History: Section 7 in Family ID. 


  • Fall athlete → participate in Winter or Spring Season
  • Winter athlete → participate in Spring Season

Once Section 7 has been completed and reviewed by the Medical Staff, if an athlete sustained an injury and/or illness (answering "Yes" in any of the questions in Section 7) then the athlete must have Re-Certification by Licensed Physician of Medicine or Osteopathic Medicine: Section 8 form completed by an MD or DO before they will be allowed to participate in the subsequent sports season. 

  • If injuries and/or illnesses are reported when they occur, the Athletic Trainers can help manage the necessary paperwork to minimize physician visits and out of pocket expenses for subsequent sports season participation.
  • All athletes (MS & HS) in all sports (Varsity & Club) must follow the PIAA athletic physical process

Please refer to the  ANNOUNCEMENTS page for Re-Certification dates offered at Penn-Trafford High School

Concussion Managment Plan

Concussions can occur in any sport at any level at any time. 

Athletic Trainers are:

  • There to help make an immediate assessment of the injury
  • Provide necessary referrals whether immediate or secondary
  • Provide follow-up treatment that is recommended by the physician trained in concussion management
  • Athletes are encouraged to follow an exertional return to sports protocol over a minimum of 5 consecutive days.
  • Provide baseline and post concussion testing (Standardized Assessment of Concussion S.A.C. test and/or ImPact)

Penn-Trafford has partnered with Excela Health Orthopedics & Sports Medicine to provide all your concussion management needs including:

  • Pre-injury baseline testing (ImPact)
  • Post injury evaluation and treatment
  • Vestibular training
  • Additional services related to concussions



Medical Releases

A written release is needed if an athlete sees a physician (MD, DO, DMD) during the season to return to participation.

Releases should include:

  • Athlete's name
  • Date athlete was seen
  • Release date
  • Physician's signature

Orthopedic release should include the above information but also:

  • Treatment plans
  • Modalities (e-stim, ultrasound, etc)
  • Date to return to full participation (no limitations)

Athletic Insurance

Penn-Trafford offers an athletic secondary co-insurance for any in-season athlete that may suffer an injury during practice/competition.  The secondary insurance covers the first $100 then your private insurance is activated.  Then if there are any medical bills outside your private insurance coverage the athletic secondary insurance is then re-activated and expenses will be submitted for approval.  The secondary insurance typically does not cover co-pays and/or deductibles from your private insurance.

The athletic secondary co-insurance form will be distributed to the athlete and/or parent upon request.  Injuries must be reported in order to extend coverage.

Rehabilitation Services

Rehabilitation Process

Athletes may do rehabilitation with the athletic trainers for acute and/or chronic injuries sustained during sports participation. 

  • Athletes should secure a written script or protocol for rehabilitation from the physician during their office visit
  • Rehabilitation is done after school in the Athletic Training room before practice and/or competition
  • Post Surgical rehabilitation can be augmented in the athletic training room in conjunction with formal Physical Therapy 
    • This is done at the discretion of the athletic training staff based on time availability, number of events, number of in-season athlete treatments, etc

Excela Health Rehabilitation Services

At Excela Health Outpatient Rehabilitation, our therapists work with individuals so they can recover from injury, illness or surgery, or lessen the effects of other conditions.
To Schedule an appointment or for more information please click here.