Rosters & Athletic Physicals

Coaches will be able to access "live" updates on their team rosters via Family ID.  You will be sent a link for your specific sport in order for you to see the current status of all students that have signed up through Family ID. 

Coaches will have access to "Health Concerns" information for their athletes who have special circumstances surrounding their participation in athletics.

  • Epi-Pen injectors
  • Diabetic Managment
  • Asthma Managment
  • Other health concerns



Injury Reporting

Coaches must relay injury information to the Athletic Trainers as soon as possible. 
This helps facilitate an athletes return in a timely manner by:

  • proper evaluation
  • referral to specialists
  • documentation
  • treatment of injuries

Information can be emailed to the Athletic Trainers and should include:

  • Athlete's name
  • possible injury site (i.e. ankle, head, etc)
  • any other pertinent information (i.e. host AT evaluated, parent's were contacted, etc)

Medical Releases should be submitted to the Athletic Trainers as soon as possible if an athlete turns them into you.  Coaches, who work within Penn-Trafford School District, may inter-office mail them.  All others may be emailed or hand delivered.





Emergency Action Plan

Emergencies can happen at any time with sports participation.  Coaches are encouraged to review the  Emergency Action Plan  and become familiar with the procedure for the specific venue(s) that you will practice and/or compete at in the event that an Athletic Trainer is not able to be present on-site.

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